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How We Operate

Many companies claim that people are their most important asset. The trouble is that they often forget that their customers and potential customers are people too!

How many times have contractors shown up late (or not at all)? How many times have they left trash or construction materials after they’ve completed a job?

At Central Mississippi Specialty Concrete LLC, these things simply do not happen. Customers are our top priority, and we believe that taking care of you will inevitably make our business profitable.

From the moment we answer your first phone call, we’ll make sure you know you’re important to us!


Our Applications

Our team has the experience and the equipment needed to restore broken, cracked or discolored concrete to its original prime condition – and to make it more durable than ever. We can assist you with:

  • Concrete resurfacing
  • Decorative concrete
  • Hard surface protection and sealing
  • Concrete Coating
  • Countertop Restoration

Our Process

At Central Mississippi Specialty Concrete LLC, our process is focused on you and your needs. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Project Phone Call

We’ll start with a phone call in which we’ll discuss your projects and goals. During this call, we’ll ask questions and solicit your ideas. We’ll also discuss options and, most importantly, a preliminary budget. We don’t believe in wasting your time if the timing, budget or process does not meet your needs!

Even if you decide during this phone call that our services are not right for you, you’re still important to us! We invite you to contact us to verify information you get from other sources. 

Step 2: Free Estimate

After our preliminary phone call, we’ll come out to your home to provide a free estimate. We’ll provide an estimate of the cost for your project and a detailed schedule and timeline of our work, so that you can plan your day.

Step 3: Home Preparation

When you hire Central Mississippi Specialty Concrete LLC, we spend a great deal of time covering and protecting landscaping and floors from damage. Everything that can possibly be affected by our process is covered or removed.

Step 4: Concrete Application

We use only the highest-quality products, and our experienced concrete specialists work carefully and efficiently so that your project looks even better than you imagined!

Step 5: Finishing Up

When it’s time to leave, we’ll clean up after ourselves and leave your property at least as good – if not better! – than when we arrived. We’ll leave detailed instructions on how to protect and care for your new surface. We also invite you to call us anytime with questions – or recommendations!

Our Products

Central Mississippi Specialty Concrete LLC applies a full line of concrete beautification and restoration products for both residential and commercial use. We use the top industry product line, Concrete Technology, Inc. (CTi), which has high-quality products that can be used over concrete floors, driveways, walkways, existing countertops, and even walls.

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